I am Claus Schierenbeck and as a real Hamburger, a well-groomed “moin” is the best greeting ever.

The end of my 38-year career at Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg gave me the freedom, time and leisure to devote myself to art.
I created my first soapstone sculptures in 2004. Working in three dimensions was kind of logical for me. Figures made of plaster and metal followed.

Some friends liked my soapstone work, and they made me work two-dimensionally. So I started to draw, paint and take pictures.
In 2013 I discovered working with Photoshop, which still fascinates me today.

Using digital art to create a connection between the natural environment what I see and the computer is always a challenge for me.

When I got to know computer work and “Photoshop” with a friend, a graphic artist, a completely new world of art opened up for me. Not a pencil, brush and paint, but a graphics tablet, a pen and Photoshop are my new (current) tools.
The beginning of a work is the same as when painting – a white sheet! But then the way of working changes. I use the computer as a kind of brush replacement and “paint” my pictures with the graphics tablet. The computer gives me the opportunity to bring colors and shapes into a (for me) perfect and aesthetic harmony. The work is different, but it is certainly just as complex as painting with a brush and paint.

I feel like art and fun with every object that I make. That’s why I try many things and I’m always looking for something new. It is very exciting to get to know myself and to improve and refine my way of working.

Be inspired by my work and have a look at my website, there is more to discover.