I'm Claus Schierenbeck and as a real hamburger, a well-groomed "Moin" is the best greeting ever for me.

The end of my 38-year career at Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg gave me the freedom, time and leisure to devote myself to art.

I started with art in 2004. My first objects were sculptures made of soapstone. Soapstone is a particularly beautiful material because it is very easy and pleasant to work with and also offers an incredible variety of colors. When polished, it feels warm, smooth and very flattering.

Some friends liked my soapstone work, and they got me to work in two dimensions too. So I started drawing, painting and taking photos.

When I got to know working on the computer and "Photoshop" with a friend, a graphic artist, a completely new world of art opened up for me. Not pencil, brush and paint, but a graphics tablet, a pen and Photoshop are my new (current) tools.

The beginning of a work is the same as when painting - a blank sheet! But then the way of working changes. I use the computer as a substitute for brushes and “paint” my pictures with the graphics tablet. The computer gives me the opportunity to bring colors and shapes into (for me) perfect and aesthetic harmony. The work is different, but certainly just as time-consuming as painting with a brush and paint.

I feel like art and have fun with every object I make. That's why I try a lot of things and am always looking for something new. It is very exciting to get to know myself and to improve and refine the way I work.

Be inspired by my work and have a look at my website, there is even more to discover.