I am Claus Schierenbeck and as a real Hamburger, a well-groomed “Moin” is the nicest greeting ever.

The freedom of my retirement is wonderful. For 38 years I was involved with engines at Lufthansa. Now I can pursue the best hobbies there are.

Art is one of them. Whether it’s the work with soapstone (sculptures) or plaster (figures), the computer graphics or the canvases. It’s fun to live out my own ideas and creativity in art and to delight other people with my works.

In addition, I write my little stories. To put small – mostly nice experiences and incidents – or things that move the world on paper is a great form of expression for me.

Of course, as a pensioner you also have to ensure that your body gets enough exercise and play golf (there are also a few nice anecdotes in my stories).

And the best comes last. Working as an extra in film and television, from time to time as a foot or hand model, is just great. The film experiences are priceless. I never thought before that I would dare to be in front of the camera. And now I can’t get enough of it. The insight behind the scenes is simply extraordinary and brings pure fun.

I wish you a lot of fun on my pages.

Claus Schierenbeck